There has already been written much about beauty of Ukrainian women, everything said about them is quite general. However, there is a principal difference in beauty standards of girls from the south of Ukraine, for example, Odessa, Kherson or Nikolayev. Those who traveled the country had a possibility to observe a sharp style contrast among girls from the capital and those of southern regions of the country. As contrasted with appearance type prevailing in the north of Ukraine (soft dark blond hair, round faces, grey or blue eyes), southern women in their majority are very bright, have dark almondlike eyes, plush lips, thick hair, slim and tall figures. A mix of Slavic, Greek, Bulgarian, and Tatar folks is to be seen here. However, natural beauty doesn’t prevent the Ukrainian women from increasing their contrasting effect using all possible instruments. Everything described here refers not to a group of people or population group, but to perception of women in general. That is how teachers, sellers, housewives, and office workers look like. Imagine that you have come to Odessa for a day, went to the city center to Deribasovskaya street and just watch… However, there is a separate and more detailed talk about a beauty of Odessa brides.

From summer tops to duck-down jackets – everything should be maximally tight-fitting. You’ll never come across a baggy and sexless clothing. ‘Normal jeans’ are understood by local beauties as those that are hard to put on and buttoned up in a laying position, and at the same time are ‘richly’ decorated by embroidery, sequins and buffies. At the same time the style of clothing isn’t changed in dependence of life situation. It’s dictated by economic reasons: an average woman can’t buy several pairs of shoes for winter for a walk with a kid, for work or studies or for going out. That’s why they buy only one pair, but the brightest one, with a high heel as a rule.

It doesn’t matter where she goes: to the park to walk with a child, to an exhibition, to the university, to a restaurant – in Ukraine a woman with no make-up is very seldom to be seen. Not depending on her age, time of the day and season it’ll be a full make-up with a tone, shiny shades and a thick lipstick that is better for a scene or professional shooting. A woman with no make-up is considered to be a one who neglected herself.

Hair and hairstyles
Hair can’t be just hair. It should be delicately well-cared-for and dyed in noticeable color. Blondes should be brighter, brunettes – darker. Photos of western women in a style of modern carelessness are considered to be a sign of negligence and lack of time for oneself.

In general, in the south of Ukraine girls and women evaluate themselves and the world surrounding them quite subjectively, they treat everything new with interest and try to choose the brightest accessories from fashionable tendencies. They don’t wear comfortable clothing or shoes. They don’t pay attention at actuality and correspondence to a season and an event. Their only goal is an absolute femininity and sexuality.