The sociologists have estimated that an average woman in Kiev is well-educated, law-abiding, stress-resistant, she’s against abortions, overloaded with work and has a lower salary than her husband does.

In Kiev there are 217,000 more women than men. According to the statistics among people who constantly live in Kiev there are 1 mln 541 thousand women and almost 1 mln 324 thousands men. It is reported by the head department of statistics. Such a disproportion disappeared long ago, there is an imbalance for more than twenty years. It is conditioned by an early men’s mortality. The number of men in a segment of population younger than 35 is more than that of women, but after 35 there is a drastic reduction of men’s population. It explains a high demand for online dating services. Employees of Kiev marriage agency assert that the majority of their clients are lonely girls of 30 who as a rule have already been married and have one child. It’s a general tendency through the whole Ukraine.

Ukrainian women’s salary is in the average 70% of salary of a man who works at a similar position. For example, women who are in communications get 62% of men’s salary, in industry – 69%.

The majority of Kiev women have a double employment - they work both at work and at home. Experts assert that this fact is the biggest discrimination of a women’s part of Ukraine’s population, as homework in the majority of families is taken for granted. However, girls themselves don’t think that their rights for equality are violated. For them a family, a husband and kids are a natural range of routines they easily cope with. That’s why Ukrainian wives are considered a model for many men, and dozens of thousands of lonely man come annually to Kiev in search of wives.

58% of students of higher educational establishments are women. The most ‘female’ faculties are humanitarian ones. 45% of general number of PhDs are women. Among Dr. habils there are 25% of women.

In Kiev there are more girls younger than 25 than in other cities of Ukraine. It is explained by a big concentration of institutes and universities in the capital. Almost from all cities of Ukraine 17 and 18-year-old girls rush to Kiev to study, planning to find a good work after that and stay at the capital to live there.