What are men’s criteria of an ideal wife?
Surely, BEAUTY is on the first place from the point of view of men. And, naturally, every second man says that ‘packing’ isn’t important, but the essence, the thing that’s inside – the soul is important. But it’s a demonstration of a man’s hypocrisy – ask a man if he is ready to live with a young and beautiful woman or with a poor and ugly one. And don’t listen to his answer. Ask and look into his eyes.

If you are going to go on describing a young one, his eyes will glow. And when you’ll be talking of an ugly one, his eyes will stop glowing and he’ll smile. A beautiful Russian wife is a prize like an expensive Limousine.

On the second place, to the opinion of men, there is an INTELLECT. Only those men who still think that Earth is still standing on elephants want a woman who is silly. An ideal smart wife is a helper, a partner, an adviser and, at last, a motivator when it’s needed. A great woman’s intelligence scares men away. That’s why there’s always a suspicion that a clever wife will shift her husband off the first position. And for men it is sometimes just impossible. That’s why when imagining an ideal wife every man assumes that a wife should be smart, but to some extent and in no way not smarter than he is.
An ideal wife from the point of view of men means also a housewife as well. This criterion became stably permanent on the third place. Here is no argument, because any man passes his reins of power over household, kitchen, and utensils to his wife.

An absence of this ability with a wife is critical and can lead to breach of marriage if not compensated by other ones.
That’s why girls should learn how to cook and wash in order not to lose their beloved one in a year of their mutual life. And further from the point of view of men is a position from the fourth to the eighths, that’s why all the criteria argue between themselves and can’t solely occupy the upper position: sexuality, calmness, absence of envy, a sense of style.

A wife’s sexuality is a quite questionable criterion. And it’s more important during the first years of marriage. In addition, this advantage is a drawback at the same time. Because a sexy wife is a sexy woman for all the other people. Everybody means to have a calm and stable wife. With no shouts, hysterics and whims. An ideal wife should treat all her husband’s tricks tolerantly as well as his bad mood and not kick up a row at the same time.
An absence of envy is acknowledged by husbands as a merit, though they can treat a wife’s moderate envy quite tolerantly. At the same time, some envy from the side of a wife supports a husband’s ambition.

A sense of style from the point of view of men is not a basic or defining, but an important quality. A woman who dresses tastelessly, more than that, a wife, looks if not disgustingly, but provokes not too flattering comments of the surroundings, and it’s a quite strong strike for a man’s ambition.
Here was no opinion that a wife should be faithful despite all this. The reason for that is that an unfaithful wife doesn’t correspond to an ideal wife’s rank from men’s point of view and she stops being a wife at all.
A woman who brings up my children, lives with me in one apartment – it’s how she reflects in my mind. It means that she isn’t a wife any more, maximum a bed partner.