Men love with their eyes, it’s a fact. And a photo is the first thing that any man looks at before he reads a letter or a profile of a bride by mail. No matter what smartness and charm there is in a letter, the first impression will be made by him. What kind of? And it depends on photos that a girl brings to a dating agency!

Alina, 28 y/o from Dnepropetrovsk   Marina, 40 y/o from Lugansk

Men on a dating site look through hundreds of photos and profiles, and Ukrainian girls understand wonderfully how important it is to pay attention at them and create an advantageous impression about them. Any beauty can look blankly and dull because of a wrong or weak lightning, a bad angle, a too deep background. A photo can make a bad impression because of blurring or grains that appear while scanning.

Ekateryna, 28 y/o from Kiev   Tatyana, 24 y/o, Zhytomyr

The opposite is also right – a usual Ukrainian girl who has an average appearance on a high-quality photo will look very attractive, a professional photographer knows how to show his model in a better light, how to conceal her drawbacks and emphasize her advantages having preserved a life-like portrait. That’s why it’s very important for photos for a dating agency to be made by a professional

Leila 25 y/o from Nikolaev   Juliya, 38 y/o from Kiev

The main aim of a photo session is to capture inimitable and unique beauty of every Ukrainian girl, her individuality. For men looking at these photos to be charmed and admire her! As there is no outer beauty without an inner one! And amazing eyes of beauties captivate and charm only when there is love, tenderness and sureness sparkling in their eyes…

Olga, 24 y/o from Pavlograd   Irina, 33 y/o from Nikolaev

Every lady should change several kinds of clothes when making photos. It is better if it is clothing of various styles: business-like, evening and casual one. If there is a possibility to make a photo session on a beach and a woman has an attractive figure one can (and it’s even good!) to make several photos in bikini.

Angelika 25 y/o from Kiev<   Elena 33 y/o from Lviv

Photos with elements of romantic erotic look very showy. This style is far from nu, but it lets emphasize beauty of a woman’s body. Ukrainian girls who are well-known for their nice forms often make photos that emphasize their advantages – long beautiful legs, magnificent breasts and pretty asses.