American salary, Chinese food, and a Russian wife – so men speak about happiness jokingly. It’s clear with money and food, but why are women from Russia associated with ideal wives? An opinion of men.

Every man wants to live a life with reliable partner and create happy and strong family. But in modern world there is no time for searching the true love.

Kiev women have not once been recognized as the most beautiful in the whole world. However, their life is not like the one recognized beauties should have.

Ukrainian women on international dating sites are extremely popular. Men spend very much time and make many efforts to reach their aim, meaning to find a bride in Ukraine. However, there is no wonder about that – Ukrainian women are distinguished not by their natural beauty only, their attractiveness and charm, but also what western ladies so much lack – femininity, tolerance, and kindness. That’s because they arouse such an interest of men from Europe, the USA, and other western countries. A return question is quite logical and appropriate – why so charming, faithful women, dependable from the point of view of family values lose interest in Ukrainian men and search for an abroad partner?

There are a few reasons for this. The first one is that is has been statistically proved that in Ukraine there is a substantial difference between the number of men and women. There are practically 10 per cent less men. It’s completely logical and understandable that a part of women (especially older than 30) can’t find husbands for themselves and that’s why they have to stay alone. They make the main group of dating sites. The next reason that makes women disappointed is Ukrainian men’s style, their ways. Because of a demographic imbalance, especially after the WW II, men in Ukraine are used to taking love and attention of women as matter of course (‘men should be cared for, there are less of them’). Ukrainian men brought up in such a gender egotism are not apt to long courtship and sincere relationships, they can’t be called gallant gentlemen, and any woman wants to be constantly surrounded by attention and care.

Certainly, there is another strong reason why lonely women from Ukraine try to marry abroad. Nobody will argue the fact that an economic situation in Ukraine is close to a catastrophic one, and all women are afraid of such an instability. They want to be sure that a safe future will wait not only for them but for their children as well. Probably, that’s because lately a stereotype has formed about beautiful and young Ukrainian women searching for a partner abroad just because of practical reasons.

Eventually, one can only say that our brides looking for their fate abroad strive to what any person dreams of – to find love, respect, and happiness…

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